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Blessed Soul,
Welcome to The School of Self- Realisation and Self Actualisation.

Everytime You connect with this site, Your energies will be accelerated to enable you to live a higher quality of daily life, where Your Higher Self connects deeply with your Heart and Mind and You are enveloped in your pure Soul Energy.

Be a part of this community
And experience greater opening of the Heart and Mind,
aligning to your Higher Self and Soul,
Divine Healing and Meditation
Spiritual Development
Unity Consciousness
Galactic ,Universal and Multi-Universal Consciousness
World Service.

In Service To the One,

Varsha Morarka

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Chanelled and lead by Varsha Morarka

2 hours of intense energy downloads in the futuristic capsule which channels energies of an ever-increasing number of Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters from Shamballa, Solar Core, Galactic Core, Inter-Galactic Core, Universal and Multi-Universal Core, the Source, Gods and Goddesses, Elohim Councils,Nature Intelligence, Elementals, Animal and Mineral Kingdom, various Councils of Light….

This is the essence of These WED MEDS- chanelling energy since 2008…every growing in power and love and wisdom and expanding it’s community form the heart of the city of Bangalore.

Counselling, Pranic Healing and Reiki,Mind-talk, Journey into the mind, NLP techniques, Body Healing, Affirmations, Mantra Chanting, Crystal Healing,Extra-sensory perception Training, Breathwork, Chakra work, Meditation Techniques, Ray Work, DNA clearing, Soul work, Akashic Records…the list is expansive and new techniques are added exponentially.

Healing, Releasing, Aligning, Breathing, Initiations, Empowering Souls who wish to further their journey into their Path of Self- Realisation and Self- Mastery.

Come and be a part of this Community.

Energy Exchange: What you feel like…


Venue : ISR Club House, ISR Road, Chitwadgi, Hospet

TAT TVAM ASI presents in association with NDMS

Dates: Nov/Dec,2016
ISR CLUB Grounds, Hospet
Tat Tvam Asi is happy to bring to the town of Hospet – a gamut of experiences in the field of Alternative Therapies to cure and heal simple, everyday issues like back pain and headaches alongwith lifestyle diseases like diabetes and blood pressure etc.

Experience  and know about the Age old, Vedic Traditions and Therapies
~ Acupresure
~ Acupuncture
~ Pranic Healing
~ Mudra Healing
~ Mantra Chanting
~ Meditation
~ Chakral Healing

Registration is recquired at a nominal fee of INR 100, payable on the spot.
For Registrations, please contact
Mrs. Neeta Mishra – 7259350294
Mr.Prasanna – 9972055950
Ms.Bharathi – 9449789248

7 Day Free Workshop

The First SEVEN Chakras
with Sound, Affirmations and Colors.
Experience the Magic of Self Awareness.
Dates: 6th June till 12 th June, 2016
Timings: 5pm- 6 pm
Venue: The Club, I.S.R. Pvt Ltd, ISR Road

Twin Heart Mediation
10th March to 19th April
11am to 12pm
Lord Bhrama – 4pm to 6pm

Lord Ganesha Chantings
4pm to5pm

Goddess LalithaSahastranam
4pm – 5pm


The CODES OF ENLIGHTENMENT are a series of 12 beautiful and powerful Sacred Images and Mantras that are encoded with higher vibrational energies for the clearing and opening of the heart and generation of pure love in our life. The 12 codes and mantras have a transformational effect on our energy and consciousness, supporting 12 levels of our heart to open to allow our Higher Self and Essence to be deeply experienced.

These were offered to Qala Sri’ Ama Phoenix by the Presence of Krishna/Christ, in spirit form in 2005 ( please Google her to know about her) when she commissioned in partnership with artist Demetri Condos to ground them as sacred images for the purpose of assisting humanity to open their hearts and embody unconditional love.

The codes hold the Blessings of all Angels, Archangels, Ascended Master’s and Beings of Love and Light who have walked the path of opening the heart beyond all fears and embodying unconditional love.

Phase 11

Dates: 21st June 2016
Time: 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Energy Exchange: INR 7500/-
Venue: 102, Midfort House, Midfort Road ( lane next to Kids Kemp on MG Road)

Phase 12

Dates: 21st July 2016
Time: 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Energy Exchange: INR 7500/-
Venue: 102, Midfort House, Midfort Road ( lane next to Kids Kemp on MG Road)

Note : If one is hesitant to remit the full payment, and yet would like to give a donation, that is also willingly accepted.

I really enjoy her sessions like Wed Meds, COE which always opens a new path in the spiritual realm and paves a way for leading 200% life which is 100% physical and 100 % spiritual .. Read More
– Shristi Mishra, Spiritual Seeker

Varsha has dedicated herself to healing, helping and guiding seekers. Her knowledge is immaculate which has been testified experientially. She has heated and beaten herself until she shines like this. Yet she is so childlike and always in bewilderment. .. Read More
– Lavina Baldota

I have been greatly influenced by Varsha over the last 2 years with my journey in spirituality and self realisation. The Wednesday meds session that I attend each week with her, has enabled me to understand the universe in its broader perspective .. I am able to connect with my higher self during the guided mediation by Varsha .. Read More
– Parul
Graphotherapist Early Childhood Educator , story telling Facilitator..

The one on one sessions that Varsha does are really mindboggling and very insightful .. Everyone of the sessions that I have done with her have opened new avenues for me. I look forward to our very special Wednesday mediation class that are conducted in the Tat Tvam Asi office . It’s a tranquil space with many other lovely souls to connect with. I would like to thank you from the deepest corner of my heart for helping each one of us grow in our path .. Thank you for spreading this beautiful light and love .. Read More
– Sushmita Shreedev
Yoga Instructor, Tattva Yoga

VARAHA ….where in I discovered there is so much about the body …its different level of energies and their activation along with doing good to mother earth …initially found the meditation very lengthy….but learnt a lot from it…now its moving smoothly.Will love to do more of it to share my experiences !

– Sweta

Varsha Morarka is a channel of pure vibrational frequency, which she transmits through her voice in this beautiful guided meditation. As you listen to this meditation and celestial background music, You are taken through the Chakra Ray colors and related frequencies, clearing the Chakra and aligning deeper into the Cosmic Heart of All Creation.
– Anrita Melchizedek

When I met  Varsha  Morarka in November 2012 I was already walking on the spiritual path. But with her guidance it just not enhanced my spiritual journey but also my physical and mental aspects as well. She introduced me to myself. I feel she has been one Guardian angel in my path called life. She is selflessly working and guiding us to the path of abundance and eternity. Wish her Divine blessings and abundance in her life always.
– Preeti Duggal,
Co-ordinator, Power of Purity, Bangalore

Varsha Morarka is my first step towards the practical aspect of spirituality. She has mentored and guided me to discover my inner truth, strength and abilities. I have been attending her meditation classes along with personal sessions, since 2012. My tremendous growth and opening up to the abundance of the universe is attributed to Varsha. I am honoured to work closely with her and immense joy to know that she will be reachable to a larger audience through her web site www.tat-tvam-asi.in. Wishing Varsha greater Love and Light
– Gowri Hegde,
Meditator and Lightworker

The session was amazing although I didn’t wanted to wake up at the end! It was as relaxing.thank you so much for the love mam! I never thought I would get a chance to interact with you personally varsha mam!!! So surprisingly happy!! I should thank you for introducing yoga classes for us in school, that is also one of the reason I m connected to god immensely!!! Thank you !
– Bhavana



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