I got introduced to Varsha , the creator of Tat Tvam Asi about 2 years ago Thru my cousin , a beautiful soul herself .

It was the time in my life when I was frantically looking out for a guide and a teacher ..Also the time when I was absolutely lost and was frantically looking for answers . That was when Varsha came into my life like a breath of fresh air .

She walked in shining her light bright, brought in her radiance and guided me, answered all my queries , showed me all that I need to see to grow and realize myself . She handed me all the spiritual tools that I needed to guide myself on the path and till day she nudges me back into place when I need it the most .

The one on one sessions that Varsha does are really mindboggling and very insightful .. Everyone of the sessions that I have done with her have opened new avenues for me .

I look forward to our very special Wednesday mediation class that are conducted in the Tat Tvam Asi office . It’s a tranquil space with many other lovely souls to connect with .

Tat Tvam Asi taught me to listen to my heart rather than withdrawing from the world . It taught me to trade pain with peace . Taught me to believe in my abilities and helped me get closer to my source and my spirit ..

No where else in the literature of self realisation can you find so simple and commonsensical a path to yourself , like in Tat Tvam  Asi .

Varsha,the light of Tat Tvam Asi shines with an exquisite simplicity and straightforwardness

My dearest Varsha , I would like to thank you from the deepest corner of my heart for helping each one of us grow in our path ..

Thank you for spreading this beautiful light and love …

– Sushmita Shreedev,
Yoga Instructor, Tattva Yoga

I have been greatly influenced by Varsha over the last 2 years with my journey in spirituality and self realisation. The Wednesday meds session that I attend each week with her, has enabled me to understand the universe in its broader perspective .. I am able to connect with my higher self during the guided mediation by Varsha and I experience a deep sense of fulfilment through these sessions that open up  my mind and heart  to absorb the beautiful cosmic energy and light aligning my body n soul .. The experience leaves me feeling lighter ,revitalised , peaceful and brings in harmony within myself .

Varsha has introduced me to the Angels Arc Angels ,beings of light ,invoking them and connecting with them is a very powerful and magical path one should experience .

I thank Varsha from the bottom of my heart as she has mentored and guided me to this very beautiful journey of Spiritual consciousness .

I look forward to the med sessions every week and am hopeful that many lovely beings should benefit from them .

Thank you very much once again for being the guiding force in my life !

– Parul
Graphotherapist Early Childhood Educator , story telling Facilitator ..

Varsha has dedicated herself to healing, helping and guiding seekers. Her knowledge is immaculate which has been testified experientially. She has heated and beaten herself until she shines like this. Yet she is so childlike and always in bewilderment. I wish Varsha keeps shining and touching more and more lives with her magic wand!!!

– Lavina Baldota

Varsha Morarka, my teacher ever since I was in school knocked into my life to take me and my family on the spiritual path through meditations, related programmes like pranic healing, breath workshops and many more coming up.
Am  privileged to address her as my Spiritual Mentor as she has always been guiding us in every aspect of the spiritual plane.
Am very thankful for her as she creates so many opportunities for us to be a part of her Spiritual Awakening work where we  grow individually and collectively.
I really enjoy her sessions like Wed Meds, COE which always opens a new path in the spiritual realm and paves a way for leading 200% life which is 100% physical and 100 % spiritual…

Loads of Love and Gratitudezzz….

– Shristi Mishra, Spiritual Seeker

Within a long life-span as a Psychologist, Holistic Healer, and Spiritual Teacher I met many people practising different forms of complementary healing and doing spiritual work. Varsha is insofar exceptional, because of her never faltering enthusiasm for people. She awakens the psychic side in human beings, guides them into higher spheres and shows them a new path of discovery of the Self. She lets them open up new doors and turn on the LIGHT: She is a Light-worker in the true sense of the word.

– Dr. Ina Rajapaksha, Psychologist, Holistic Healer

I am so happy to have gotten in touch with Varsha during Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists event in Pyramid Valley a few years ago. Since then, its a been great to see Varsha intensifying her work in the spiritual higher dimensions. Aligning thoughts, word and deeds is the hallmark of a True Master, and Varsha is one of the finest examples of that. She is so humble yet very highly knowledgeable.

Practical experience in regressions and channeling is very essential of the teacher, for participants to have a safe and assuring sessions. Varsha has vast depth of experience in these areas and makes the process very effortless for everyone from a child to house wife to a corporate executive to a retired employee.

–  Chandra Pulamarasetti, CEO, Sanovi Technologies 

Varsha is regularly doing workshops at SoulTrends Meditation Center. I had seen that people really connect with her during her workshops and otherwise. She has the knack of going to one’s level in teaching and ensures one gets the best with her free interactions.Her workshops and sessions are very lively and highly participative.

– Vani Dadi,

Founder, SoulTrends Meditation Center, HSR Layout, Benguluru

Hi Varsha aunty! It was really nice meeting you today. Thanks for making me believe in my inner self and guiding me. Thanks for giving me additional information about the 12 Chakra’s. Would have loved to see you again. Will surely visit you once I’m here again. Today, all thanks to you I couldn’t feel the ‘dark brown fear’ in me. I felt way better with soo much positivity around me. Thanks for the mantra’s. I will surely use them and I’m sure it will help me look at everything in a different perspective . Won’t give up ever. Thanks for showing me the right path and listening to me and not judging me for whatever Ive told you. ”you can never change others, change yourself” ! I promise to prove my self and then my family. Thanks to you!

– A girl of 16 years

Varsha Morarka is my first step towards the practical aspect of spirituality. She has mentored and guided me to discover my inner truth, strength and abilities. I have been attending her meditation classes along with personal sessions, since 2012. My tremendous growth and opening up to the abundance of the universe is attributed to Varsha. I am honoured to work closely with her and immense joy to know that she will be reachable to a larger audience through her web site www.tat-tvam-asi.in. Wishing Varsha greater Love and Light

– Gowri Hegde,
Meditator and Lightworker

“Tat tvam Asi and Wednesday Meditations have become an intergal part of my life. The tranquillity and peace that I have found since attending the meditations has added new dimensions to my life and abilities and boundless love. Being a full time working woman, an efficient housewife and a tiger mom can be taxing to say the least but the meditations have given me the power to manage time most efficiently and keeping my mind calm while doing so.
Alfa woman is what most of my friends call me these days and I truly feel like one as these meditations have given me super human energy.

– Shruti Kaura, BusinessWoman and Lightworker

Dear Varsha,

Thank you so much for the empowering meditation experience today!

Today has been significant throughout. I was guided to go to the temple in the evening. It was a Ganesha temple but it also had a section dedicated to Shiva represented as Mruyjunjaya. I was so surprised and happy to find that  I was also guided to pick a little yellow flower from the offerings to Shiva. It resembles a sunflower and I felt it was symbolic of power. I have kept the flower with me.

We then went into another store oposote the temple. While billing, my eyes fell on the words at the counter which in Kannada read, ” Drop the fear.”

That was the message I received even during today’s meditation at your place.

I am still awake and connecting with the energy. It has been an amazing day. I am so grateful I was guided to you. Thank you for everything!


– Haripriya